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Association ALFA Madagascar website

Association ALFA Madagascar website

« African Leaders For Africa » is an association aiming at the sustainable development of the African continent in terms of environment, education, health and hygiene, promotion of youth and entrepreneurship.

A presentation website for the StartUp LiFiLED 🌍

A presentation website for the StartUp LiFiLED 🌍

LIFILED is a startup specialized in the transmission of data by light. Thanks to its three-in-one solution, it makes it possible to illuminate remote areas, to connect them to the internet thanks to LIFI technology, the internet by light and the provision of dynamic content for education and for the agricultural content.

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Digital Transformation
The modernization of an organization requires dematerialization, the transition to paper-free and the computerization of processes and operations. The pandemic has increased the need for remote work. The organization must adapt to it by adopting methodologies, communication tools and digital transformation.
Lexique / Glossaire Je vous propose quelques définitions de mots ou expressions que j’utilise sur ce site. Liste alphabétique Architecte informatique DevOps Full-Stack (développeur) Architecte informatique Celui/celle qui analyse, définit, planifie et met en œuvre les solutions technologiques répondant aux besoins perçus ou exprimés au sein d’une société, une collectivité.

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